"why am i so afraid to lose you when you’re not even mine"

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Silly of me to think that you’d still love me…

I’m not strong enough to leave you again, but I don’t feel strong enough to stay and wait; this is pure torture to my heart and feelings. I love you. I don’t want to, it’s making me miserable. I feel like you are getting revenge because of how cold hearted I have been. But,  I’ve given you too much of me, so much that you do not deserve.

If you would just turn completely away from me, hate me, or just simply let me go; we’d both be happy. I promise we would. I keep asking you to leave me, but you brush me off. Just let me go. Don’t answer my calls or messages, delete me out of your life. Only then will I be able to move on.

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You know what sucks?


Feeling unwanted by that special someone…falling all over again, chasing them when they should be chasing you now…meeting them halfway once and now just giving them your all again. I’m scared, like I’m really fucking scared.

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i love this

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you know when you listen to a song a whole bunch of times and there is that one line that you never understand and then one day heaven above opens and shines the light and you finally know the words and it’s like an epiphany

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Naomi is not here for your sob stories girls 

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very true

my fav

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